COACH Quick Scan Tool for Teachers

Quick scan for teachers from the school's perspective

What is this tool about?

This tool is a questionnaire that allows you to self-assess your school. Feedback from the quick scan will provide valuable information on attention areas for further development of a strong career guidance support and prevention of drop-out policy.

How does it work?

The questions below are split into 6 different sections. For each question, please indicate for the statement whether you agree and to what level you agree by clicking the appropriate button next to each statement. Once you are finished, click the show results button at the bottom.

You can use the Skip Section button to skip a section if it's not relevant to you. However, you must compelete a minimum of 3 sections to get your results.

What results does the tool produce?

Once you have completed the questionnaire and clicked the show results button, you will be provided with a list of areas that we recommend you should focus on more, as well as a radar chart with detailed results. Please keep in mind that the results do not save automatically - to save the chart, right click on it and then choose to save it as an image. The results can only be seen by you, and are not saved or shared with anyone else.

School Safety

5. Strongly Agree 4. Agree 3. Neutral 2. Disagree 1. Strongly Disagree
1. Our school has clear rules about order and security.
2. Our school has formulated a vision and has defined clear and anchored values for a safe and inclusive school.
3. Our school supports the vision of an inclusive and safe school climate.
4. The school actively promotes its vision and demonstrates exemplary behavior to staff, pupils, and parents.
5. Our school teachers create security in the classroom by setting the framework and clarity about what will happen during the lesson and what is expected by the student.

Teachers’ involvement

5. Strongly Agree 4. Agree 3. Neutral 2. Disagree 1. Strongly Disagree
6. Our school takes into account the requests and needs of teachers.
7. All teachers are invited to express their ideas and opinions.
8. Teaching staff have a say in the school's decision-making process.
9. Our school has communicated and shared its safety and equality policy and objectives with its teachers.

Teachers & students relationship (socio-emotional dimension)

5. Strongly Agree 4. Agree 3. Neutral 2. Disagree 1. Strongly Disagree
10. We, the teachers, show an interest in students' life even outside school.
11. The school and our teachers treat all students fairly, regardless of their religion, ethnic or national origin, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.
12. The students are recognized and appreciated by the school and staff and are given space to develop their thoughts.
13. The school and staff are attentive and show respect for the students' context, i.e., identity, environment, experiences, and values, and adapt the situation accordingly.

Peer relationship (teacher-teacher)

5. Strongly Agree 4. Agree 3. Neutral 2. Disagree 1. Strongly Disagree
14. At our school, the teachers respect each other's ideas.
15. Our teachers share the same vision of the school.
16. We share the same educational goals.
17. We work together to create the best possible learning environment for students.

Teaching & learning activities/process

5. Strongly Agree 4. Agree 3. Neutral 2. Disagree 1. Strongly Disagree
18. Our teachers create a supportive learning environment for students.
19. The school has a supportive learning environment with emotional support for those at risk of Early School Leaving (ESL), such as individual learning support, flexible learning pathways.
20. We provide activities that meet students' interests and talents.
21. Our teachers provide activities and instructional materials that reflect students' culture and identity.
22. We evaluate students' academic achievements fairly.
23. Teachers communicate with clarity the structure and content of the lessons.
24. Teachers encourage active classroom participation by listening actively and asking questions that deepen and develop the dialogue.

Teachers & parents relationship

5. Strongly Agree 4. Agree 3. Neutral 2. Disagree 1. Strongly Disagree
25. At our school, the teachers meet regularly with parents.
26. We keep parents well informed about their children's progress.
27. Our teachers allow and welcome input from parents.
28. We encourage parents to be an active partner in their children's education.

The COACH project has been co-financed with the support of the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme. Its contents and materials are the sole responsibility of its authors. The Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. It will be implemented from September 2022 to August 2024. (Funding ref. KA220-SCH-639F42F4).

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