Project Newsletter 4

If you are a teacher, school director, parent, coach or mentor, interested in how to prevent early school leaving, we warmly invite you to Read our School Coaching Tool.

It is a comprehensive but also easy to read introduction to the school coaching approach and how to apply it in schools. Read here an extract from page 9:

“Coaching is a powerful tool to proactively address stress and mitigate the risk of school dropout by fostering holistic student development. Through a coaching approach teachers assist students in setting realistic academic goals, developing effective study habits, and honing stress management techniques. By focusing on emotional well-being, a coaching approach helps students build resilience, navigate personal challenges, and cultivate a positive self-image. Additionally, coaching facilitates self-discovery, encouraging students to explore their strengths and interests while fostering improved communication and relationship skills.

The research results show that implementing an intensive coaching program targeting students aged 16–20 has proven to be a highly effective strategy in mitigating the critical issue of school dropout. The program, administered over one or two years, significantly contributed to a remarkable 40% reduction in school dropout rates, bringing them down from 17 to 10 percentage points. The additional year of coaching further bolstered this positive impact by lowering dropout rates by an extra percentage point.”

Project Newsletter 3

3rd NewsletterMarch 2024 We are happy to announce that we have entered the training phase of the COACH project.  About twenty mentors or coach-trainers from Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Italy and …

Project Newsletter 2

Welcome to our newsletter, where we dive into the heart of education and explore the transformative power of coaching in today’s dynamic landscape. Let’s embark on a journey through the latest coaching trends that are reshaping classrooms and empowering educators.

In the busy world of education, coaching is like a helpful friend, guiding teachers to become even better at what they do. It’s not just about support; it’s a partnership that helps teachers face challenges, try new things, and keep getting better. Let’s explore some simple yet effective ways coaching is making a positive impact on teaching practices.

Project Newsletter 1

Why would you be interested in our kick off meeting? Well, usually, we would think that why would you, or anyone, anywhere be interested in the fact that a group of people you do not know and who you are not part of, went to a meeting in Sweden. But, in this case, if you are interested in coaching in education to improve the climate in your school or VET centre, you will be happy to know that we have met in November 2022 to start work on some free tools and resources for you.